I've been listening to "A Few Miles Later" and I really love it. I find it upbeat, calm and steady, in that you stay in the same kind of atmosphere throughout the songs. The cover says they were written in the eighties, but for some reason I thought a few of them at least were from an earlier era, and they do come across as vintage folk, but there's nothing passé about them (and I don't live in the past!). They have that new/déjà vu feeling. Like I said, I don't listen to music like I used to, but this is great.

Jean-Pierre Le Grand, Sherbrooke, Quebec, December, 2009

Hi, Pat, I've just had the pleasure of listening to your cd, and I'm so impressed, and enjoyed it so much. It's really a grown-up bunch of music, and I love the arrangements. Your voice is so flexible and expressive, and your songs (and tempos) so confident and unrushed, relaxed, soothing. You sound great (as do Tex and the other musicians--by the way, the oboe is a perfect touch)--
Kenje Ogata, Boston April 2010

The incredible talent of Pat LaMountain (and her husband Tex - more on him later) singing "Summer Rain" from her "A Few Miles Later" CD.
a YouTube performance of Pat's Summer Rain

The first time I heard "Summer Rain" all I could say was "Wow! where have I been and why haven't I heard this before?". Reminiscent of The Byrds, this arrangement had me at the get-go. The whole CD is a delight and encompasses many different styles showing quite a diverse musical background. Pat & Tex may have flown under the radar a bit but it isn't because they aren't talented. They have been a force in the local music scene for a long time and over the years have become very accomplished in every aspect of the music business.

I am only recently getting to know more about the LaMountains and their music and I can see they leave a rich legacy of original music in their wake. I first heard about the LaMountains when tracking down Kenje Ogata's rendition of "Eagles" which was written by Tex. The more I found out about them, the more I wanted to know. They are still playing and I am looking forward to seeing them perform. You can find their schedule on their site.

from Dan Alkides You Tube "Lovely Obscurities" site. May 12, 2010