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Pat & Tex LaMountain have been singing, writing, performing and harmonizing together for almost 40 years. Writers of dozens of songs, they have developed a diverse collection of material that includes American standards, swing tunes, folk, rock, jazz, bluegrass, gospel and country. Their music has been described as “upbeat and rhythmic, inspirational and sensitive…catchy…with Pat & Tex there’s heart and soul.” Their songs are a vibrant blend of melody, message and harmony, with Pat’s crystal clear vocals and Tex’s tenor voice and unique flat and finger picking styles at the forefront. But watch for change: Tex has been adding his golden Gibson electric guitar with shimmering sound effects and a whole new sound. Everyone is waiting to see where this goes....

Pat was raised on an apple farm in New Jersey, Tex in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts and they met in Montague, Mass in 1974, where she had been singing with the Sawmill River Band and he with the popular Vanguard recording group, Clean Living. They teamed up and were “New Talent” winners at the New England Folk Festival at Vermont’s Mount Snow in 1977. Their almost four decades of performances have included festivals, clubs, coffeehouses, community concerts, radio, television documentaries and films.

Pat & Tex were founding members of the folk group, Bright Morning Star, touring the Midwest and Eastern states. Highlights of their careers include a Washington, D.C. 50,000 person rally performance, sharing stages with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and a huge array of well-known speakers. A two year hiatus to the Bay Area of California found them charter members of the Santa Cruz, CA (and later Western Mass.) Songwriters Guild(s). On return they produced a well-received arts lottery funded three year concert series entitled Songs from Western Mass., featuring dozens of area songwriters in over 50 local community concerts.

Since 2003 Pat & Tex have been playing in the annual COOP concert series, a cooperative project with area musicians, to help promote the Greenfield/Franklin County area as a destination for arts and culture. COOP Concerts. They also produced special performances to support their CD projects. Sweet Chabango which was released in December, 2011, included thirteen originals written by both Tex and Pat. Their previous releases, A Few Good Hits to the Heart and A Few Miles Later, were completed in 2007 and 2009, respectively and consisted of often requested concert favorites along with several originals and a whole cd of Pat originals.

They previously recorded three albums: Down Here on the Earth, Home, and Songs From Western Massachusetts, plus a collection of songs recorded for the Northeast Foundation for Children in Greenfield, MA. This release, 16 Songs Kids Love To Sing, is available from the Foundation on CD with a songbook.

Pat spent over a decade as parttime Finance Director for the Connecticut River Watershed Council in Greenfield, MA. A portion of her job in the last few years was to run a song contest, "Living Along the River" Connecticut River Watershed Council.-- 2009 was the second year for this popular Franklin County event. Songs about the Connecticut River and its tributaries were performed by their writers who were vying for cash prizes and recognition. The second Finals concert was held in October of 2009. In 2010 a large number of contest entrants and winners were presented by CRWC in a grand concert at The Academy of Music, Northampton, as a large celebration of the rivers and a thank you to the volunteers who work in the annual Source to Sea Cleanup. In 2012 Pat & Tex produced a "Goodnight Irene" concert for the Watershed Council - a one year anniversary concert of songs about tropical storm Irene. Most songs were from Vermont and Massachusetts and the concert was held at the Deerfield Academy auditorium, almost on the banks of the Deerfield River where such havoc had been wrought the year before. Over a dozen songwriters performed their songs, most of them backed by Tex LaMountain on guitar, John White on bass, and the new addition to the band, drummer Rick Mauran.

In 2009 Tex had retired from a sales job he held for over 25 years. Having worked tirelessly on the Sweet Chabango project and the river concerts, he was ready to focus attention on more writing and recording. When Pat & Tex asked Anand Nayak to help them produce some songs, rivers roads & bridges started its long birthing process. Anand is the guitar wizard and vocalist in daisy mayhem, (Rani Arbo's band) who is gaining a well-deserved reputation for engineering and producing singer-songwriters, arranging and developing their songs for recording. He was enthusiastic about the project so they took John and Rick into the studio in December of 2012 and recorded four songs. From there they eventually decided it was not a short EP but a full length album. A second live band session, an acoustic session, fiddle tracks by Chris Brashear and Zoe Darrow, and piano tracks by Jerry Noble, and a couple of old recordings Pat & Tex had done in their home studio, were added to these original tracks to complete the project as Anand spun his magic. Voila, a 12 song rivers roads & bridges.

In the middle of the process, Pat retired (July 2013). They put a lot of time and energy into producing a series of three concerts along the Connecticut River featuring Robin and Linda Williams, a benefit for the Source to Sea cleanup. Pat & Tex opened. In January 2014 they took off for the south and west (eventually to Oregon) on a mostly family tour. They did five spontaneous concerts en route and came back in the end of March relaxed and ready to get this project done. Finally in August it was downloaded to DiscMakers' factory in Pennsauken, NJ - less than ten miles from Pat's childhood apple farm home.

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