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Pat and Tex LaMountain
A Few Good Hits to the Heart

Tex LaMountain

I'm feelin' blue today, How often have I heard somebody say
And when those blues come my way, I wonder if I'll make it thru the day
Darkness has come to town, night's fallin' hear the sound
Of ice cold mem'ries in the shadows all around
When those blues have their say, gotta pick myself up & turn th'other way

There's trouble everywhere, I've seen trouble, I don't care
Not giving in, gotta see what's around the bend
When those blues get me down, gotta find a way to turn them blues around

I may be down, but I'm not done, may have stumbled, may be stung
Maybe all I need has been there all along
And I have found the place where I belong.

I knew I'd find my way, get back up and ride someday
Into the sunset, like them old time cowboy's say
When those blues get me down,
There's gotta be a way to turn them blues around
I can always find a way to turn them blues around
Gotta turn them blues, turn them blues around

Jimmy McCarthy

If life is a river and your heart is a boat
Just like a water baby, baby born to float
& if life is the wild wind that blows way on high
Then your heart is Amelia, dying to fly

Heaven knows no frontiers and Iíve seen
Heaven in your eyes
And if life is a barroom in which we must wait
Round the man with his fingers on the ivory gates
Where we sing until dawn of our fears and our fates
& stack all the dead men in self-addressed crates

In your eyes, faint as the singing of a lark
That somehow this dark night feels warmer for the spark
Warmer for the spark, to hold us till the day
When fear will lose its grip and heaven has its way

Heaven knows no frontiers and Iíve seen
Heaven in your eyes

And if your life is a rough bed of brambles and nails
And your spiritís a slave to manís whips and manís jails
And you thirst and you hunger for justice and right
Then your heart is the pure flame of manís constant night

We all will harmonize and know whatís in our hearts
The dream will realize heaven knows no frontiers & Iíve seen
Heaven in your eyes

Fred Koller & Pierce Pettis

Let's go up where the sun goes down
Watch the lights go on in the little town
From the mossy rock face way up high
Standin' here on the edge of night
When the shadows fall and the air gets still
You can hear the song of the whippoorwill
In the dark green woods where the pines grow thick
Up on Missionary Ridge

I wanna watch the fire light in your eyes
As the sparks fly up to the velvet skies
And I will hold you close against that chill
All wrapped up in a patchwork quilt
Long ago and far away
Lives here in this place today
In the mountain laurel & the hickory sticks
Up on Missionary Ridge

I remember, we would come here,
When I was a child
Daddy lifted me high on his shoulders
I could see for miles

My great grand father camped right here
With the Hamilton County volunteers
And if you listen closely, who can tell
You just might hear some rebel yells
Let's not think about the past
No, let's just make this moment last
Sealed forever with a lover's kiss
Up on Missionary Ridge

Tex LaMountain

I love it in the morning when I first open my eyes
My slumbers have been golden and I'm feeling at peace with the night
Just a little bit ahead of my time, I can still see the dreams that are mine
And every day I've ever dreamed about is still, Still On The Way

I love it in the morning when the air is still fresh in the sky
My thoughts are coming easy and my body isn't asking me why
I'm not worried 'bout growing old, I'm not tangled up in yesterday's gold
And every day I've ever dreamed about is still, still on the way

I don't mean to say that every morning, I'm sitting on top of the world
You don't need to hear my troubles, you don't need to hear my troubles,
When I look at what's around me all in all, I can't complain.
I can't complain, I can't complain.
When I look at what's around me all in all, I can't complain.

What I love about the morning is I get to start all over again
Get back to the beginning, let me take you by the hand my friend
Grab another breath of fresh air, a new door will be opening there
And every day I've ever dreamed about is still, still on the way
Every day I've ever dreamed about is still, still on the way

Tish Hinojosa

Closer still, than ever my arms have held you
Or the beating rhythm of my heart
I belong to you in frozen memories
And framed in gold is my desire

Closer still than starlight soft upon you
For though a million shine tonight
Deep inside is where one lonely
Forgotten dream is waiting closer still

Closer still is every word that takes me
To the fire burning without end
In the moonlight pale a song is saying
That time will have us back again

Closer still our shadows must be swaying
For I can almost hear you say
Deep inside is where one lonely
Forgotten dream is waiting Closer Still

Pat LaMountain

Gotta get away before it shows we can't afford it
Gotta get to the ocean I don't care if it's in the rain
We've been working harder than I care to complain
Watch out Vacationland, here we come Maine

Gonna grab a lobster dinner somewhere near a harbor
Gonna call my cousin Connie in Kittery
She's an old time dreamer used to flirt along with me
And make the boys all restless ... in the summer

Your rocks withstand the ages
And your oceans still feel foggy from the shore
But you don't look any better with shopping malls across your marshes
Than the hills of Massachusetts I adore
She'll know, we'll have a talk about it all
She'll say I'm welcome anyway, and besides,
What's one more car

You know she had a husband, he was a lobsterman
She's got a son now, he's almost grown
And Maine has changed a lot since we were kids and all the fishermen
And the working folks ... are on the other side of Vacationland

SEABROOK SONG (Our Mother the Earth)
Pat & Tex LaMountain

Leaves swirling round and round
Touching down on sacred ground
Asking us to listen, simply listen
Our Mother the Earth is crying, who will listen?
Leaves that had braved a seaside cold saved up to let us know
Children, my tears are your pain, your fear of ruin
Tears of joy, tears of rage, who will listen
Our Mother the Earth is crying, who will listen?
Children rise up marching singing praises to her worth
North, South, East and West stand tall for Mother Earth
Build your homes upon the dust, reclaim that rocky fill
Then sit and proudly listen, our bodies speak our will
Tired men in uniforms seem to steal our dreams
Buses, army caravans, assembly lines, machines
But people are hugging people new leaves are budding forth &
While the whole world watches you can hear our Mother Earth

Tex LaMountain

When you called here today, the words I had to say, may not have left you feelin' any better
We ended up runnin' round in circles again, just like a broken record
I care enough about the two of you now, I don't want to be stuck in the middle
And I've been where you are, but I won't go back that far, Ďcause I know it takes two to tango

You gave me a nice pair of vintage white shoes that you found there in the mountains near Asheville
It's the closest I'll come to really walking in your shoes & I may never ever understand you
You know you'll never get a-way from that guy if you're always seeing him in the arms of that lady
And all this thinkin' that he left you 'cause you're gettin' too old is only gonna drive you crazy

C,mon Joannie, gotta shake away those blues
C'mon Joannie, put on your dancin' shoes
C'mon Joannie, pick up the beat my friend
That ol' moon's goin' down, a new day is ready to begin

Well youíre down there in the Smokies and
Iím up here in New England where old
Yankees say expect a rugged winter
Thereís a bright shining star on the southern horizon
To the East a full moon of November
Like each of these jewels we have our place in the heavens
Maybe light years away or just a mile
But when the changes are clear and the clouds disappear
We can all walk away with a smile

Pat LaMountain

You've gone and put your shirt back on and
Started talking leaving again
Why does it have to come to this
I'm not the only one you've known,
Instead of meyou hold a memory of being left
But I'm not planning to go

I'll stand by you if you stay by me
Whatever it takes, I can wait
Run like the river, or stand like a tree
It's a choice you have to make

We can hold each other through the rain
We can pull each other through
I want you to know, I'm scared you might go
But I'll stand by you

I watch you looking over your shoulder,
Wondering just what I'm gonna do
I'm lookin' in the eyes that once pulled me thru
One Winter night when I was leaving you

3000 MILES
Pat LaMountain

Night was so bright
Could have driven by the light of the moon
You by my side
Headin' East it was the middle of June

Hey I hardly see you
Headin' no where fast
Taking a vacation
Get to know you again at last

I've been running you know,
Running missing out on your smiles
He says "Honey, that's okay we've got 3000 miles"

Strange, I'm with a stranger again
Not so hard this time
A continent to go
We're finally crossing the great divide

Tex LaMountain

Hey you got a second chance I think youíre gonna fly
When the musicís right you gotta dance, right up to the sky

Youíve had some bumps and bruises a few good hits to the heart
Been down and disappointed, but when you get another start

Itís a brand new day, when that special someone comes along
Itís a brand new day, danciní to the rhythm of a brand new song

And we can sing this song together,
Thereís magic in the air
Letís sing this song together,
Love is everywhere

Itís a brand new day, race you to the river in the early morning dew
Itís a brand new day, living in this garden with you
Itís a brand new day, when that special someone comes along
Itís a brand new day, danciní to the rhythm of a brand new song

Hey you got a second chance, I think youíre gonna fly

Tex LaMountain

It's one of those mornings I can truly say I love you
I won't pretend to know where it's coming from
Maybe it's this cloudy day, maybe 'cause the kids are away
We're alone at home and you're still on the pillow

I'm here with the coffee and the creeping dawn
Fact of the matter is, I won't be here for long
I've got work that's calling and I have to hit the road
When the feelings come as strong as this, I don't want to go

Emmy Lou is on the radio
Every time I hear her voice I know that I am not alone
There's something right behind the words that hits me close to home
And that river rolling deep within me rises

How I hate to leave that empty bed that holds you
I wonder what you're thinking when you wake up alone
Are the dreams that we're dreaming ever gonna show
How I wish you'd come down the stairs and beg me not to go

Fog is slowly lifting now as I begin my day
There must be more to living now than running down another highway
Last night lying close to you, we'd been singing like we always do
Dreaming we were singing just like Emmy Lou, just like Emmy Lou

Tex LaMountain

Wherever you may be tonight Rest easy my old friend
Wherever stars are shining bright I know we'll meet again
My only wish is to have the gift And dance as you did then
When you were on your feet You never missed a beat my friend

You're in my thoughts once more Happens again and again
You and mom would take the floor And dance till the night would end
So effortless, never seemed to rest You'd ask the band for more
And arm and arm You'd dance across the floor

Dance on and on, dance on Dance on and on, and on
I still see you on your feet & when the music's right
I close my eyes and you're still dancin' tonight

How bout it mother Shall we take another spin
You'd both be smiling As you stood up to begin
Why they're playing our song again Shall we have one more
And arm and arm You'd dance across the floor

Johnny Mercer & Hoagy Carmichael

Skylark have you anything to say to me
Won't you tell me where my love can be
Is there a meadow in the mist
Where some-one's waiting to be kissed?

Skylark Have you seen a valley green with spring
Where my heart can go a-journeying
Over the shadows and therain to a
Blossom covered lane

And in your lonely flight
Haven't you heard the music in the night
Wonderful music
Faint as a will-o'th'wisp
Crazy as a loon,
Sad as a gypsy ser-enad-ing the moon

Oh, skylark I don't know if you can find these things
But my heart is riding on your wings
So if you see them anywhere
Won't you lead me there?

E. Seitz/ E. Lockhart

Dear one the world is waiting for the sun rise
Every rose is covered with dew
And while the world is waiting for the sun rise
And my heart is calling you
Dear one the world is waiting for the sun rise
Every little rosebud is covered with dew
and my heart is calling for you
The thrush on high his sleepy mate is calling
And my heart is calling you

Fred Hamm/Dave Bennett/Bert Lown/Chauncey Grey

Bye by Blues
Bye bye blues
Bells ring, birds sing
Sun is shining, no more pining
Just we two
Smiling through
Don't sigh, don't cry
Bye Bye blues

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