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Pat and Tex LaMountain
celebrate new CD May 12

Another event that is on the horizon at the Pushkin Gallery is the CD release party for folk singers Pat and Tex LaMountain.
They have a new disc out called “A Few Good Hits to the Heart” and the couple will perform on Saturday, May 12, at 8 p.m.

Pat and Tex have been making music for three decades now and are a popular fixture on the local music scene. While they have played
many shows over the years, their recording career has been limited. The duo has only released three albums and those are currently
out of print. Their last project however, a children’s album released in 1998 called “16 Songs Kids Love to Sing” is still available.
(This disc was a fundraiser for the Northeast Foundation for Children in Turners Falls).

To say that Pat & Tex are overdue for a new album is a bit of an understatement. The couple cite “life, family and career” as the
reasons for the delay in recording. Now that they are older, they have reached a point in their lives where they can devote more time and
energy to their music.

“A Few Good Hits to the Heart” features 15 country-flavored folk tunes that showcase the couple’s warm harmonies and Tex’s striking
guitar work. Most of the songs on the new record are original compositions. One of the few cover tunes tossed in is “Skylark” by Johnny
Mercer and Hoagy Charmichael.

The album was recorded at White Crow Music in Greenfield and also features appearances by Jeff Potter on harmonica and drums, Bill
Reveley on fiddle and mandolin, & Barry Higgins, who also engineered the recording, on native American flute.

Listening to Pat and Tex is like listening to a couple of old friends -- there is a warmth and intimacy to their songs that shines
through on the disc into your player, you feel like the pair is in your living room, singing just for you. “A Few Good Hits to the Heart”
is chockfull of sweet melodies, lovely harmonies and touching lyrics that reflect the joys and sorrows of daily life.

These songs reflect myriad moods. One minute Tex is singing about his enjoyment of hearing Emmy Lou Harris on the radio on lighthearted
“EmmyLou.” The next, he is lamenting the loss of a dear friend on the touching ballad “Dance On.”

“C’mon Joanie” is a swing-influenced toe-tapper that provides some friendly advice to a friend who is having love problems.”Seabrook Song
(Our Mother the Earth)” is an environmental-themed song (and the only song the couple wrote together), featuring Higgins’ soothing flute sounds.

Pat and Tex first met in Montague in 1974. He was a member of the seminal local band Clean Living and she was singing with the Sawmill River
Band. They started singing together and won the “New Talent” award at the New England Folk Festival at Vermont’s Mount Snow. That was the
beginning of a long career that has seen the couple performing at festivals, clubs and coffeehouses as well as in television documentaries
and films. They are also active members of the Franklin County Musician’s Cooperative, which teaches classes for working musicians and puts
on weekly concerts at the Greenfield Energy Park.

Joining Pat and Tex for the CD release show are fiddler Bill Reveley (Grass Routes), drummer Tim Griffin (Clean Living), and the Celtic vocals
and acoustic guitar of Jennie McAvoy. In addition, Pat and Tex will be joined by Higgins and other surprise guest artists.

Pat and Tex encourage all to come out and help them celebrate!

A sliding scale entrance fee of $6 to 10 will be charged at the door. CDs will be available at a discount at the party and celebratory
food will be included.

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