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Great friends and music lovers - family-centered music - We just love them.
The Delnero Family Music Paqe Fred Koller has written hundreds of songs and is a gentle bear of a man who is direct and
thoughtful. He is also in the used book business in Nashville. He has written a good book on the music business for songwriters. Dan and Meg Sullivan are the sweetest concert promoters and hosts!
Support their concert series in Agawam. Jennie is a good buddy and co-performer. We're all trying to figure out this performing world together.
She livens up the chatter whenever she's around. A good soul. Mark Fraser is an amazing musician and you should check out the classical trio he tours with.
I love the sound of the cello. Frank and Barbara Shaw of Branford, CT are old friends (Frank was in Clean Living with Tex).
They are song finders deluxe and lately they've been writing a lot of songs. They inspire music around them at all times. Their band is more traditional
bluegrass and they're well worth checking out if you've never seen them. Alan took all of our photos. I think we shocked him how old we were.

Health Issues? Here's where Pat goes: to research good ideas.

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